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Wake up!!! It’s the time
Wake up!!! Of fury and pride
Wake up!!! Of rage and fire
Wake up!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!

The sleeper is still lost in his dreams, condemned silently, the world keep silent, the world will also have to dream, it’s not ready yet, wait and sleep.

Waiting for a chance, trying to change the fragile essence of dreams for a hard fact, like smoke leads to fire, as lightning breaks the sky.

All that is rotten, forgotten or dead will be banished, It will be sunk as a dark hollow spheres of lead.

Hear the whispers of the sleepers and wake up, and wake to create
Stories that can make us dream of getting away to get away from the abyss of our worst fears, our thirst for misery, our faith to destroy everything.

Empty illusions, trying to feed our greed
Erase the integrity. What hides those masks? Those fake smiles
Just fill sweet poison in our minds. And condemn us to sleep, Resign yourself !! No choice, not daring to wake up.

With a rotten core, forgotten desires and a soul that always will be dead. Instead of waiting, waiting for a chance, stand up and claim your site, reclaim your mind.


from Persistence, released July 19, 2013



all rights reserved


By My Oath Madrid, Spain

By My Oath is:

Yiyo (Lead Vocal)
Mike (Guitar)
Juanma (Drums)
Willy (Guitar)
Maix (Bass)

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